Shamanic Wisdom

Shamanism is a practice that involves a practitioner (Shaman) interacting with the spirit world through altered states of consciousness to address root issues to bring the soul back into harmony, wholeness and balance. Shamanic healing addresses the root cause of illness & brings balance on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.



Session’s are done either in person or distally.  Both are equally as powerful. Within a session Liv will address the issue presented or described by the client, then following the direction of spirit Liv will help to facilitate a healing at the root of the issue/discomfort. Issues to be addressed range from inquiries about cycles, blocks, health issues, addiction, trauma, career, relationships, love etc….there are no questions/issues off limits….anything that creates discomfort or hinderance in one’s earthly experience may be addressed in a Shamanic journey session. The messages and guidance that come through for the client create a resetting of energies, holdings/patterning. Shamanic Journey sessions tap into human energies at a deep limbic level allowing for change, growth and expansion in one’s life.
Session: Cost $200 + gst