Join Liv for this amazing series on Manifesting from the Heart!
This Series is an in-person healing series meant to help identify what is blocking you from manifesting from the heart, then approach the healing needed to open and incorporate the manifesting techniques that will be taught. This is a 5-week intensive to look and investigate each one’s pointers with honesty, sincerity and compassion. Pointers are the things in life that may appear to be negative or undesirable. This course will create positive changes in one’s life creating a positive impact for each individual as well as their work, family life including relationships of all kinds with self and others.
This course is an overhaul for your entire system. There will be a lot of personal self-healing in order to make space for manifesting. This series will dive deep into your true authentic self-creating positive reconnections that have perhaps long been lost or forgotten and address hindering beliefs and limitations.
We will be incorporating meditation, shamanic healing techniques, energy work, work in the Akashic Records and more.
My personal motivation for offering this course is from direct feed back from clients. I often do a lot of one on one healing sessions, in which a lot of great insights and revelations are exposed within the treatment time. However, the question sometimes still remains…. now what? What do I do with all this information, how do I work with this? Which of course usually isn’t a quick answer, usually tends to be another entire weekend retreat topic in itself. So instead of giving up a precious weekend in our summer…join me Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm for 5 weeks. That’s 10 hours of healing!! Space is limited to 7 people.
When: Wednesdays August 12th-September 09th
Time: 7-9pm
Where: Vita Sana Wellness Clinic 322 McLeod Ave Spruce Grove
Cost: $625
Email to sign up: