About Me

My awareness of energy started at a very young age, I always felt there was so much more then what we could see on the surface, mostly because I could feel so much more then the eye could see. I felt very in tuned with other people energies, thoughts & feelings; Which brought me to question everything about life, people, reality & non-reality. I stumbled upon a book about Reiki when I was 19 years old and that’s when things started to click, I found a Reiki Master and received my first attunement at 19 yrs old and have been practicing energy work ever since. After receiving my master level/teacher I also began to teach reiki to others. I have studied various other forms of energy healing over the past 20 years; Akashic record reading, Angelic healing, Crystal healing, Munay-ki (earth keepers) studies, Shamanism & various others. Although my passion was always in the energy work, I felt I needed another outlet in which I could share and pass along my gifts as an energy worker. When I was 26 I went back to school to become a Massage Therapist. After taking the R.M.T course and various others (reflexology, hotstone, thai-table massage) I felt a true calling. I knew this was the right path for me and my passion for helping people continues grows every day. I am so grateful for the many amazing teachers along the way, I truly have to say the pieces have continued to fall into place as I continue to learn so much though each experience.
I love to connect with others to share my experiences and findings to help enlighten another’s path. Either through yoga, energy healing, meditation, shamanic journeying or through ceremony. Yoga and meditation helps me in keeping my energy centres open and clear.  Its like a beautiful welcoming home. It is my place to speak with my angels, its a warm hug, its the on-going support from the universe. Meditation & Yoga brings me to a place of remembering, a place of acceptance and love. As a yoga teacher, energy teacher, leader of meditation, ceremony  and workshops, it brings me great joy to share my passion of healing and teaching with others.