All of our yoga classes are suitable for all levels, our teachers will provide modifications or challenges as needed
to allow each person to honor where they are at each class and practice at their own ability level.


Includes traditional breathing techniques, deep stretching & ends with a meditation. This class builds strength & flexibility. Calms the body and mind.


Slower paced class involving longer holds and deep long breaths to help break up scar tissues & adhesions to increase flexibility and mobility of joints and muscles. Calms the mind and settles the nervous system.


Movements are coordinated with breath to flow from posture to posture. Creates inner fire to heat the body and calms the mind; increases flexibility and strength.

Yoga Prices

10 CLASS CARD – $120+gst(exp. 1 yr. after date of purchase)
DROP IN – $14+gst
*Team/Group Rates Available