Celebrate the New Moon & Full Moon….Embrace your prana & connect with the universe…The new moon is the new birthing cycle, it is the opportune time to attract your heartfelt longings by setting intentions and focus on manifestation. It’s a time for planning and seeding. Full moon is a time for purging, making space for the new energies to enter into your path. Join Lynn Gale with Windsong Writing & Wellness as we meditate, set moon intentions, connect with self & spend some time reflective journaling. We’ll raise our vibrations and awareness of the energy of the universe & our place in it. You will receive your own Quartz Crystal as a gift, we will teach you how to care for it & use it in your daily life. Try a cycle, see how this practice can make shifts and changes on your life. The power of intention and manifestation are infinite.
March 4th  & March 18th    8:15-9:30pm
Cost is: $20 per session

Please call or email to register: 780-962-9537 simplylivstudio@gmail.com