We offer a variety of Massage/Treatments, each with their own unique purpose and results.

Cancellation Policy: All services require 24 hours notice for cancellation otherwise you will be subject to a “late cancellation” fee equal to 50% of the service price.


Medium to deep pressure massage including trigger point release, muscle stripping, decrease adhesions and release tight or adhered muscles and fascia. Increase circulation and mobility of muscles and joints, relax the nervous system.


The body holds the key to all of our answers. In these sessions, we will delve deeper to the root cause of where the healing is needed. We will use different healing modalities, based on our intuition and teachings. Reiki will be used to help balance the chakras. Homework will be provided and a recommended follow-up time.
These sessions include but are not limited to reiki, psychic surgery, angelic healing, ancestral healing, past trauma healing, inner child work, shadow work, meditation and Spiritual Release Therapy.


A combination of therapeutic massage and reiki. This treatment will leave you feeling balanced mind, body and soul.


Therapist massages with warm Basalt rocks. The moist heat of the stones penetrates deep within the body to relax and release tight muscles. This treatment leaves the body deeply relaxed and rejuvenated as it finishes with cool marble stones to neck and shoulders.


Is a unique treatment that is completely customized to one’s specific individual needs.  The treatment will include a combination of massage, hot stones and reiki to create the ultimate balance of one’s mind, body and spirit.


The Akashic records is an energetic record of each ones entire soul journey. By accessing the records one can help to understand some of the patterns they may be creating, how to change them and maybe find some answers into some of those “beefs” one may have with life.


Application of pressure to certain points on the feet that correlate to other parts in the body. This treatment releases and opens energy lines throughout the body. Its a thorough relaxing foot massage with many therapeutic benefits for the whole body. You will feel revitalized and refreshed.


A Reiki Psychic Attunement session will help open and expand your natural psychic abilities. It also helps clear your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional bodies so your psychic gifts can surface and or expand. In addition, the Reiki Psychic Attunement brings in high frequency healing energies.

This is perfect for those who want to delve deeper in their spiritual practice without taking their Reiki certification to heal themselves and others.